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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pink Eye!

Hmm..after taking a look at #'3's throat, it doesn't look red. At first, I thought he was really sick because his eyes were both blood shot, but then I noticed the yellow gunk at the corner, and voila..pink eye. As long as the other kids don't catch it. I think this shabbos will be interesting..if we are unlucky, we will have a house full of strep throat, pink eyed people.

Anyway, I am off to shovel a bit more, and then take a few pics of our snowy abode, and will share it. I think we have close to 2 feet in total between Friday's storm and last nights. Wow :)


  • At 12:02 a.m., Anonymous AK28 said…

    Hi. If your daughter or son has pink eye then it should be treated and it is very catchy. My daughter had it and she couldn't go back to school after 2 days. She was given cream and now it is gone. He/she should be seen by a doctor. I wish you good luck with the snow.


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