A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life is Swiffy!!

with Swiffer! :) because I won! I won a swiffer prize pack from Zellers. I just have to mail back the signed affadavit and I get my prize in 4-6 weeks. it includes a swiffer wet jet, swiffer carpet flick, carpet flick refill, swiffer duster, Mr Clean magic eraser extra power (G-d knows in this house we need that LOL), ivory snow detergent, febreze fabric refresher, tide 2 go 3 pack, febreze air effects. YAY. Too bad it does not include someone to do the cleaning for me too LOL. This stuff will be put to good use. Finally a good thing happened, B"H. Yay. :)

Ok, I am off to go enter some more contests now. laterz!*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Meloncholy Experience (with Melonhead)

Ok, Melonhead is a trendy kids hair salon I take my kids to. I LOVE it there, even though I HATE trendy things. The people who work there are nice, down to earth and are GREAT with my daughters. (my sons go to the barber for their hair cut, because they know how to cut the hair and where they are not supposed to cut, (i.e. the payos) I LOVE the little air planes and such the kids can sit in when they get their hair cut, and the cartoons on the TV and toys to distract them. They go the extra mile and put the glitter spray in my kids hair and a free hair clip. I generally dislike the other moms who are there though :P They are the anti-me., and I must admit I can be a bit anti-social sometimes I guess LOL. Tonight I almost walked out of Melonhead though.. I couldn't stomach any more trendy named screaming kids with the moms with the 100 dollar jeans and the fake phony voice and smile. And every time I got up this obnoxious pushy mom kept taking my seat, and washing her son's hand with antibacterial stuff. It really irked me. I am exhausted, I have been up sine 6 am after a broken sleep night because #3 and #1 came in to my room twice. I did many errands this morning and it wiped me out. I just could not handle the trendy obnoxious supermoms tonight. This one mom there was saying she spoils her son rotten. It was quite obvious she did. she kept shouting his name out, it was one of those annoying non-name names that really is a last name but it was his first. UGH. I think even if I had money and was rich I would never be like that, ever. I think next time I will try to schedule my appointment at a less busy time. oy. LOL.

I am so tired. I need to go try to get some sleep. I did some more pesach shopping tonight. I can't believe I spent 200 dollars on crap. (i.e. 108 cheese slices, cream cheese, machine made shmurah matzah, macarrons, kasher l'pesach cakes, potato chips. you know, the really; heatlthy snacks LOL. When it gets closer to pesach I will buy the fruits and veggies, and of course turkey cold cuts for #1 and hubby to eat for lunch chol hamoed. We are eating at the bubbe and zaidy's house for our meals for yom tov and dinners for chol hamoed.
Ok..good night!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My little musicians...

Today #2 and #3 had a music concert at their school. #3's class went first. It was so cute! especially when they partnered up and danced with each other to the music, and then later galloped around the room in time to the music. :) I stupidly left my digital camera at home, but #3's friend's bubbe and uncle was there and took a pic of him to email me, which I greatly appreciated. It wasn't until I came home that I realized my cell phone has a 2 megapixel camera included with it. DOH!!! #2's music class was also cute. #2 sang so loud though LOL. Another parent told me my daughter was the star of the show. :) I had a nice time, except right before #2's class went on, #1's aide called me to pick him up, except she couldn't tell me outright to do so. See, his class is in a play, and unfortunately #1 was not really able to handle memorizing lines etc. there was no aide for him in the afternoon, so she was sort of hinting at me picking him up. It was too long of a day for him to be without an aide. The same will be for tomorrow too. I had to pick up #1 after #2's class concert.

One thing I noticed in comparison with #2 and #3's class. #3's class, the parents are friendly. #2's class, the parents are snobby, cliquish. I felt like I was back in high school. I was talking with 2 other moms about it and they also noticed it. It doesn't bother them, but strangely enough, it bugs me! I don't know why i care, but I do. LOL. Just like high school LOL. I swear, if I hear one more mom tell another mom YOU LOOK AMAZING! Your baby is JUST ADORABLE! Your sheitel is gorgeous! you look stunning, just stunning. I am going to projectile vomit! I mean it!!! UGH!!!! I think that the books I read, like the nanny diaries, about upper east side manhattan, I feel like that society has been transplanted right here in GTA. I think Toronto is a much snobbier unfriendly place than NJ. I mean, I like toronto, I do. I just find its harder to make friends here unless you are rich and can buy the right clothes and have the right sheitel. I have friends who grew up here and think it was snobby here. so its not just me being supersensitive.

Ok, I am going to beddy bye now. Good night. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Conversations overheard on the bus...

Two weeks ago, I was on the TTC while hubby was home with the kids, when I overheard a conversation between a mom and her pre-teen daughter. The daughter had made a comment to her mom that she had a learning disability, and the mom replied, no you don't... you're not stupid. As a mom to a son with a learning disability, ADHD, and Asperger's syndrome, I was really miffed by her comment. My son is a bright, beautiful boy, KA"H, who just learns in a different way than ordinary people, he is NOT stupid. I shot her a dirty look, she looking puzzled as to why, not realizing I took offense at her loud proclamation. I kept my mouth shut and said nothing to her, but what I really wanted to do was correct her ignorant statement. It frustrates me when people think like that. Maybe she is the stupid one because she can not realize a learning disabled child just learns things in a nonconventional way. Anyway, word of advice: Think before speaking, especially when on a crowded bus and you are talking quite loudly. ok...that's my vent of the day.

In other news...I am going to give toilet training another try this week with #4. she is over her bout of stomach flu, and I think she is really ready this time. I also think #5 is ready too. she keeps taking her diaper off when she pees, every time. she is not yet two, but I think I am going to give it a try anyway.

This week I am also starting my Pesach cleaning and shopping. Joy of joys LOL.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ok, Purim is practically over, time for Pesach cleaning.

I am so tired. Beyond tired. I woke up very early this morning and was not able to fall back asleep. We ate at home and then went to the in-laws for their seudah as they were not really having much of a seudah, just salads, lox and tuna, and they were starting late, around 1 pm, So I fed the kids beforehand. Then, on our way out, my mother in law asked me to drop off a shaloch manos at #2's classmate's house, two doors over from her. I took her there, while hubby was getting the rest of the kids ready to go home. #1 decided to come with us, and when the other mom opened the door, #1 ducked under her arm and ran into her basement! I was beyond embarrassed. #1 refused to come up because, "it's amazing down here, there are lots of toys". ARG! They were in the middle of their meal, and I was mortified, not sure if I should run into the basement to get him or let the mom who's house it was do it. #3 made an appearance at this point. Finally #1 comes out with a toy from the basement he said was given to him. I apologized profusely and she was okay with it, her brother has full blown autism and she understands. But still! I am so embarrassed! I had explained to #1 when we knock on people's doors, its not okay to just run into people's houses to "explore" as he puts it. he did that when we went to a doc's house right before our trip to NJ when #1 was sick with a bad ear infection. he ran into the doc's living room and turned on his wide screen tv. He has to understand what's appropriate behaviour. because of the asperger's this does not come naturally, but he can learn.

Anyway, I am so tired, I already finished cooking for shabbos. Candle lighting is at 7:13 pm. so i am signing off for now. Good shabbos!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Purim!!!

Click here to hear a song to get you into the Purim spirit!!

Today I went to the pre-school Pre-Purim carnival for #2 and #3. It was great. There was the right combination of sugar, bouncy castle and games to keep the teachers entertained for the rest of the afternoon LOL. #2 and #3 had cotton candy or aka the Canadian way, candy floss. The line up was crazy! My kids wasted a lot of time just standing around in line for some, but they didn't seem to mind. They also had their faces painted, and had fun on the bouncy castle. then they had some fun playing basket ball with the kid size version of hoops by little tikes. this is #2's last year for the pre-school carnival. Next year she will be in grade 1.

Long distance phone call now. bye for now!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oifen Pripitchik

My mother in law sent me this in an email, and I think its a beautiful song. I felt like sharing :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Camp! :)

Yay. I found a camp for #2 to go to! Her friends from school are going, and the price is VERY reasonable, 7 weeks for 525, from 9:30- She will be so excited when i tell her. :) Now I just have to find a camp for #3 to go to.

I am in a much better mood today and I am feeling a lot better. the antibiotics are taking away that terrible metallic taste in my mouth and I am no longer achy and feeling crummy. But I am still a bit sore about having to abandon my broken double stroller.

So anyway, this sunday #2 is going to a pre-Purim Party, and will be dressing in her costume (its a snow white costume :)
This upcoming Wednesday is the Purim party at #2 and #3's school My mother in law will be watching #4 and #5 so I can take #2 and #3 around the diferent booths at the carnival. There will also be cotton candy, (or what canadians weirdly call candy floss LOL) and cookies and juice. #3's costume is a clown costume, with a cute little jester hat. :) I hope to take lots of pics :)

For the Purim seudah we are going to my in law's. :) I am looking forward to it. purim is always one of my favourite hoidays, though bad for my diet LOL. All that yummy nosh.

Ok, got to do some shabbos preparation now.

Welcome to Hell

OMG. Can my day possibly be any worse? Probably. Things could always be worse. Let me start at the beginning. I take my double stroller with #4 and #5 and #1 walking next to me. we attempt to walk to wal-mart. the sidewalks were not plowed well, making walking very difficult. Halfway to wal-mart, I hear a snapping noise. It was my wheel. How am i supposed to walk to wal-mart now?? How are we even supposed to get home????? I phone my mother in law, but she had things to do, and I could tell she was not happy at having to pick us up, as she is getting her 3 bathrooms re-done, and needed to settle things at the firm that is redoing them. So I abandoned my stroller and walked with #4 and #1 next to me, and #5 in my arms. A kind stranger saw us struggling to walk in the snow and helped me cross a major intersection and get right to wal-mart with my gang. I phoned a friend who came and got us. I am so upset. Now I have no double stroller. I have only 1 single jogging stroller which sort of needs some minor repair. (a washer fell out. Hubby needs to put it back on the stroller.) I have a triple jogging stroller someone gave me but it does not fit through any door ways.

Another thing I am really annoyed at is hubby did some computer work for someone. he made it clear his fee was 30 dollars an hour before he started. He was there 2 and a half hours, after working a full day at work. I was not happy as it was 11 pm when he came home from helping them. They did not pay him, or say when they would pay him at all. Hubby tried to phone them last night, they did not return his call. They are very well off financially and I can not understand their failure to pay 75 dollars., We could really use that money right now. I say, if they don't pay up by Sunday hubby should call the rabbi and have him speak to them. My hubby says I am assuming the worst of people. ok, maybe he is right, but they didn't even bring up when they would pay him or anything. I am putting my foot down if they ask hubby to help them again. Before we were married he used to do work for free for them, but now, he is older, and has a lot of experience with computers. IF they didn't want to pay him, they should have called some teen ager to go do their slave work for free.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sick Again...

Ok, I probably should have gone to the doc two weeks ago when I was sick. I had suddently felt better, and then on Monday I started having aches, hot flashes, and feeling crummy, with a slight sore throat. Then i noticed ear pain and a bad taste in my mouth. Today I finally had enough and phoned the doc who makes housecalls. He said there was a lot of green mucus running down the back of my throat and did a strep test, to which I will not get results until Friday. He put me on 10 days of amoxil 500 mg 3x a day. But I am thinking could it be strep? I don't think so, my throat is not sore all day. its ok, then it hurts, then its ok. It feels like post nasal drip, not a streppy pain. but the bad taste in my mouth is really annoying. I am so exhausted, but I can't rest, I have no time, my kids need me. I wonder if its sinus would amoxil work? Maybe I need zithromax. If I don't feel better by Friday I will call the doc again and tell him I do not feel any better. IY"H I will. this has been the worst winter. I feel so run down and am constantly getting sick. It's very annoying. I am going to log off now, this metallic taste in my mouth is disgusting me.

BTW I am miffed at one of the sellers I bought from on ebay. I bought this red cute hat for #1, which looked just like a summer hat. The seller made no mention of the fact that it was WOOL and RAYON, and DRY CLEAN ONLY! Thanks a lot seller for being up front and honest. What a waste. What the hell am I supposed to do with a wool hat??

BTW I am also annoyed at this one mom at my kids school. Today #4 was crying because, as we were leaving, she dropped her hat into the snow and it got wet. I tried comforting her, but she was still upset, so I was not paying too much attention to her crying because really, what can I do? I don't have another hat on me and and I was in a rush to go home. So this other mom goes, excuse me, she's crying. so I said, yeah, I can see that, I am not blind. Why DO people feel the need to point out the obvious?????? I mean really, what the hell did the other mother want me to do about the wet hat?? Like her son is so perfect. Last summer her little angel threw a ball into #2's mouth and split her lip open when they were at the camp bus stop, and didn't even apologize to me and #2. So maybe before she opens her big trap she should take a look at herself. #4 was just upset at her hat which was SLIGHTlY damp. So the other mom can go take a flying leap. I hate moms who think they are so perfect and go around making rude comments.

Ok, I am done venting now. I feel like crap, I am extremely cranky, I have a crap taste in my mouth and since hubby's home I can finally lie down and relax.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Planning Ahead??

Ok, call me a worry wart, call me obsessive, LOL. #1's bar mitzvah is, IY"H, in five years. I was just thinking about the future costs involved with the party part of it, invitations, meals, friday night meals for out of town guests, finding accommodations for out of town guests. I started a preliminary invitation list, subject to change of course, and also who know who #1 will be friends with in five years. I just copied over some of the people from our wedding invitation list, making edits for those who have gotten married, divorced, or died since then. I told hubby five years does seem like a long way off, but we will have to start thinking about it now as we will have to start trying to save something for it. When we book the date, either this year or in 2 years (I forget if you book it 5 years ahead or 3), we will have to put down a big deposit. I hope they take post dated checks LOL. Maybe we'll win the lotto by then. :) My baby having a bar mitzvah in 5 years! that scares me..I still feel like I am 19.

Ok, that's all I wanted to blog about for today. :)


Yikes. From Friday afternoon to late Saturday night, we had non stop snow, over a foot. Being we already had several feet of snow left over from a bunch of other recent storms...the snowpiles are higher than my head!! Today I had to walk down to the bus stop to take the TTC for my appointment with my accountant to file my taxes, and the sidewalks were NOT plowed, and also I had to wait 1 hour for the bus!! 1 hour!!! My toes were numb, damn it! I had finally found a friend who was able to give me a lift but then the bus came. Figures. She offered to pick me up anyway but I didn't want to make her shlep when the bus was right there finally. Actually 3. Yes. 3 buses came at the same time as they were really screwed up today. The other routes seemed fine. In fact, I saw several of them pass me by, making me extremely envious of the people on there who were not having to suffer through a bout of frostbite waiting for the bus. :)

I also managed to go to the library and the mall to pick up the new Vtech tote and go computer for #3. It was a diaster to walk through. I had to walk in the street, and I was extremely nervous about that as someone doing that earlier was hit by a car :( Attention snow plow people: SIDEWALKS!! Do them! :) My brother in law is in a wheel chair and my mother in law was unable to take him anywhere today because of the lack of plowing done on the sidewalks.

Anyway, in other news, I was thinking about that book I just read awhile ago, "Making Peace with Autism". The author had mentioned how she could see sprinkings of autistic behaviour in her other son, but that he does not have autism. I think I can see what she means. #1 has Aspergers, my other kids don't. But I definitely see a sprinkling of certain traits in #3 and #4. For example, #3 is VERY sensitive to certain foods, and also textures, like tags on shirts, etc. #4 gets very upset about her stockings, if the seams on the toes are not just so, it bothers her. I am not sure if this is just normal toddler behaviour or whatnot. Its interesting to think about.

#4 and #5 still are congested and finished up the last dose of antibiotics today for their ear infections. I hope they do not have a relapse..
Ok, I am going to go rest now. I am exhausted from all that shoveling!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My son, the rabbit

#1 must think he is a rabbit. Today he chewed the mouse off of #3's cute little Vtech Tote and Go computer. He didn't like the noise apparently. Sigh. I asked him, why didn't you just hit the OFF BUTTON???? I ordered a new one quickly off of the Sears web site, but it won't be in until Sunday. #3 will wonder where his computer went. #1 is home today as the school buses were cancelled due to a snow storm we had. #3 and #2 had school, as they are not bussed to school.

We had the city come test our water today. We will find out the results in about a month. The city was looking for volunteers to have their water tested, so I volunteered. Why not?

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. The molar I most recently had a root canal on late last year is not feeling right. I am feeling some pain. Funny, because I am supposed to feel NOTHING in that tooth. I think if it needs to see a specialist I will be phoning Dr. Quack, the former dentist that butchered it to begin with to let him know about how my insurance would not pay for a new filling because he had experimented with the tooth before by drilling and then filling the tooth to see if the nerve was alive, and needed a root canal, and thus a new filling my insurance would not cover as its less than 2 years. I am going to ask him to waive the last two payments we are making has his incompetence has cost me hundreds. I am pissed. I will see what my dentist says tomorrow. I had switched after the mishap with my butchered root canal last year.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Funny prank call I received yesterday

Yesterday, I got a blocked call, and when I answered, a young child said hi, this is June 4th. and I said WHO? and the kid repeated, June 4th, July 4th's sister. I hung up. The child called back, and I told them I am going to tell their mommy they are making prank calls. So the kid hung up and didn't call back. LOL. :) I have no idea who the kid or his mom was. :)

In other news..looks like I will not be able to see Weird Al in concert AGAIN this year :( He is coming to Ontario during the three weeks before Tisha B'Av, where you are not allowed to hear live music, and also he will be far away at CasinoRama. So, if for some hugely bizzare chance who ever books Weird Al's venue for touring stumbles upon my rambling blog, come to Toronto after August 10th! :) LOL.

Anyway, I am still feeling exhausted and crummy from my cold. I am going to go rest for a while until #1, #2, and #3 come home from school.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Annoying songs that get stuck in your head

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Making Peace with Autism

I just read a pretty good book by Susan Senator, about autism, called "Making Peace with Autism". Though #1 is not full blown autism, but a cousin to it called Asperger's Syndrome, I enjoyed reading the book. I found her experiences with the school system for her son to be helpful and some of her experiences with her son on the playground I could relate to.

Anyway, I know I have not posted in a while, its been very hectic here and I have not been feeling that great, I ended up getting a bad cold. I sold my triple stroller, or will be in the next 15 minutes to someone I know who has a daycare. it does need some repair, so I am not sure how much I am selling it for. I will wait for her to make me an offer. #1 became yellow belt in karate today. Yay #1 :)

#3 is still up to mischief. Last week he flushed 2 plastic toilet paper rollers down the toilet. 80 dollars later...sigh. #2 gave #3 a hair cut with safety scissors during her working on her arts and crafts. SIGH. Hubby is taking #3 to the barber today to fix it.

I officially enrolled #4 in nursery school in September. My baby! It will be so weird with just one home during the day in the next school year.

Anyway, I am waiting for the person to come by and get the stroller, so I am ending this post for today.