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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yikes. From Friday afternoon to late Saturday night, we had non stop snow, over a foot. Being we already had several feet of snow left over from a bunch of other recent storms...the snowpiles are higher than my head!! Today I had to walk down to the bus stop to take the TTC for my appointment with my accountant to file my taxes, and the sidewalks were NOT plowed, and also I had to wait 1 hour for the bus!! 1 hour!!! My toes were numb, damn it! I had finally found a friend who was able to give me a lift but then the bus came. Figures. She offered to pick me up anyway but I didn't want to make her shlep when the bus was right there finally. Actually 3. Yes. 3 buses came at the same time as they were really screwed up today. The other routes seemed fine. In fact, I saw several of them pass me by, making me extremely envious of the people on there who were not having to suffer through a bout of frostbite waiting for the bus. :)

I also managed to go to the library and the mall to pick up the new Vtech tote and go computer for #3. It was a diaster to walk through. I had to walk in the street, and I was extremely nervous about that as someone doing that earlier was hit by a car :( Attention snow plow people: SIDEWALKS!! Do them! :) My brother in law is in a wheel chair and my mother in law was unable to take him anywhere today because of the lack of plowing done on the sidewalks.

Anyway, in other news, I was thinking about that book I just read awhile ago, "Making Peace with Autism". The author had mentioned how she could see sprinkings of autistic behaviour in her other son, but that he does not have autism. I think I can see what she means. #1 has Aspergers, my other kids don't. But I definitely see a sprinkling of certain traits in #3 and #4. For example, #3 is VERY sensitive to certain foods, and also textures, like tags on shirts, etc. #4 gets very upset about her stockings, if the seams on the toes are not just so, it bothers her. I am not sure if this is just normal toddler behaviour or whatnot. Its interesting to think about.

#4 and #5 still are congested and finished up the last dose of antibiotics today for their ear infections. I hope they do not have a relapse..
Ok, I am going to go rest now. I am exhausted from all that shoveling!


  • At 10:15 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My daughter (5 years old) is also often very upset about the seams on the toes of her stockings. Sometimes we have a huge drama about the stockings not behaving the way she wants them... And she does not have autism.
    Kind regards,


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