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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Camp! :)

Yay. I found a camp for #2 to go to! Her friends from school are going, and the price is VERY reasonable, 7 weeks for 525, from 9:30- She will be so excited when i tell her. :) Now I just have to find a camp for #3 to go to.

I am in a much better mood today and I am feeling a lot better. the antibiotics are taking away that terrible metallic taste in my mouth and I am no longer achy and feeling crummy. But I am still a bit sore about having to abandon my broken double stroller.

So anyway, this sunday #2 is going to a pre-Purim Party, and will be dressing in her costume (its a snow white costume :)
This upcoming Wednesday is the Purim party at #2 and #3's school My mother in law will be watching #4 and #5 so I can take #2 and #3 around the diferent booths at the carnival. There will also be cotton candy, (or what canadians weirdly call candy floss LOL) and cookies and juice. #3's costume is a clown costume, with a cute little jester hat. :) I hope to take lots of pics :)

For the Purim seudah we are going to my in law's. :) I am looking forward to it. purim is always one of my favourite hoidays, though bad for my diet LOL. All that yummy nosh.

Ok, got to do some shabbos preparation now.


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