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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My little musicians...

Today #2 and #3 had a music concert at their school. #3's class went first. It was so cute! especially when they partnered up and danced with each other to the music, and then later galloped around the room in time to the music. :) I stupidly left my digital camera at home, but #3's friend's bubbe and uncle was there and took a pic of him to email me, which I greatly appreciated. It wasn't until I came home that I realized my cell phone has a 2 megapixel camera included with it. DOH!!! #2's music class was also cute. #2 sang so loud though LOL. Another parent told me my daughter was the star of the show. :) I had a nice time, except right before #2's class went on, #1's aide called me to pick him up, except she couldn't tell me outright to do so. See, his class is in a play, and unfortunately #1 was not really able to handle memorizing lines etc. there was no aide for him in the afternoon, so she was sort of hinting at me picking him up. It was too long of a day for him to be without an aide. The same will be for tomorrow too. I had to pick up #1 after #2's class concert.

One thing I noticed in comparison with #2 and #3's class. #3's class, the parents are friendly. #2's class, the parents are snobby, cliquish. I felt like I was back in high school. I was talking with 2 other moms about it and they also noticed it. It doesn't bother them, but strangely enough, it bugs me! I don't know why i care, but I do. LOL. Just like high school LOL. I swear, if I hear one more mom tell another mom YOU LOOK AMAZING! Your baby is JUST ADORABLE! Your sheitel is gorgeous! you look stunning, just stunning. I am going to projectile vomit! I mean it!!! UGH!!!! I think that the books I read, like the nanny diaries, about upper east side manhattan, I feel like that society has been transplanted right here in GTA. I think Toronto is a much snobbier unfriendly place than NJ. I mean, I like toronto, I do. I just find its harder to make friends here unless you are rich and can buy the right clothes and have the right sheitel. I have friends who grew up here and think it was snobby here. so its not just me being supersensitive.

Ok, I am going to beddy bye now. Good night. :)


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