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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Meloncholy Experience (with Melonhead)

Ok, Melonhead is a trendy kids hair salon I take my kids to. I LOVE it there, even though I HATE trendy things. The people who work there are nice, down to earth and are GREAT with my daughters. (my sons go to the barber for their hair cut, because they know how to cut the hair and where they are not supposed to cut, (i.e. the payos) I LOVE the little air planes and such the kids can sit in when they get their hair cut, and the cartoons on the TV and toys to distract them. They go the extra mile and put the glitter spray in my kids hair and a free hair clip. I generally dislike the other moms who are there though :P They are the anti-me., and I must admit I can be a bit anti-social sometimes I guess LOL. Tonight I almost walked out of Melonhead though.. I couldn't stomach any more trendy named screaming kids with the moms with the 100 dollar jeans and the fake phony voice and smile. And every time I got up this obnoxious pushy mom kept taking my seat, and washing her son's hand with antibacterial stuff. It really irked me. I am exhausted, I have been up sine 6 am after a broken sleep night because #3 and #1 came in to my room twice. I did many errands this morning and it wiped me out. I just could not handle the trendy obnoxious supermoms tonight. This one mom there was saying she spoils her son rotten. It was quite obvious she did. she kept shouting his name out, it was one of those annoying non-name names that really is a last name but it was his first. UGH. I think even if I had money and was rich I would never be like that, ever. I think next time I will try to schedule my appointment at a less busy time. oy. LOL.

I am so tired. I need to go try to get some sleep. I did some more pesach shopping tonight. I can't believe I spent 200 dollars on crap. (i.e. 108 cheese slices, cream cheese, machine made shmurah matzah, macarrons, kasher l'pesach cakes, potato chips. you know, the really; heatlthy snacks LOL. When it gets closer to pesach I will buy the fruits and veggies, and of course turkey cold cuts for #1 and hubby to eat for lunch chol hamoed. We are eating at the bubbe and zaidy's house for our meals for yom tov and dinners for chol hamoed.
Ok..good night!


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