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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My son, the rabbit

#1 must think he is a rabbit. Today he chewed the mouse off of #3's cute little Vtech Tote and Go computer. He didn't like the noise apparently. Sigh. I asked him, why didn't you just hit the OFF BUTTON???? I ordered a new one quickly off of the Sears web site, but it won't be in until Sunday. #3 will wonder where his computer went. #1 is home today as the school buses were cancelled due to a snow storm we had. #3 and #2 had school, as they are not bussed to school.

We had the city come test our water today. We will find out the results in about a month. The city was looking for volunteers to have their water tested, so I volunteered. Why not?

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. The molar I most recently had a root canal on late last year is not feeling right. I am feeling some pain. Funny, because I am supposed to feel NOTHING in that tooth. I think if it needs to see a specialist I will be phoning Dr. Quack, the former dentist that butchered it to begin with to let him know about how my insurance would not pay for a new filling because he had experimented with the tooth before by drilling and then filling the tooth to see if the nerve was alive, and needed a root canal, and thus a new filling my insurance would not cover as its less than 2 years. I am going to ask him to waive the last two payments we are making has his incompetence has cost me hundreds. I am pissed. I will see what my dentist says tomorrow. I had switched after the mishap with my butchered root canal last year.


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