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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Planning Ahead??

Ok, call me a worry wart, call me obsessive, LOL. #1's bar mitzvah is, IY"H, in five years. I was just thinking about the future costs involved with the party part of it, invitations, meals, friday night meals for out of town guests, finding accommodations for out of town guests. I started a preliminary invitation list, subject to change of course, and also who know who #1 will be friends with in five years. I just copied over some of the people from our wedding invitation list, making edits for those who have gotten married, divorced, or died since then. I told hubby five years does seem like a long way off, but we will have to start thinking about it now as we will have to start trying to save something for it. When we book the date, either this year or in 2 years (I forget if you book it 5 years ahead or 3), we will have to put down a big deposit. I hope they take post dated checks LOL. Maybe we'll win the lotto by then. :) My baby having a bar mitzvah in 5 years! that scares me..I still feel like I am 19.

Ok, that's all I wanted to blog about for today. :)


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