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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sick Again...

Ok, I probably should have gone to the doc two weeks ago when I was sick. I had suddently felt better, and then on Monday I started having aches, hot flashes, and feeling crummy, with a slight sore throat. Then i noticed ear pain and a bad taste in my mouth. Today I finally had enough and phoned the doc who makes housecalls. He said there was a lot of green mucus running down the back of my throat and did a strep test, to which I will not get results until Friday. He put me on 10 days of amoxil 500 mg 3x a day. But I am thinking could it be strep? I don't think so, my throat is not sore all day. its ok, then it hurts, then its ok. It feels like post nasal drip, not a streppy pain. but the bad taste in my mouth is really annoying. I am so exhausted, but I can't rest, I have no time, my kids need me. I wonder if its sinus would amoxil work? Maybe I need zithromax. If I don't feel better by Friday I will call the doc again and tell him I do not feel any better. IY"H I will. this has been the worst winter. I feel so run down and am constantly getting sick. It's very annoying. I am going to log off now, this metallic taste in my mouth is disgusting me.

BTW I am miffed at one of the sellers I bought from on ebay. I bought this red cute hat for #1, which looked just like a summer hat. The seller made no mention of the fact that it was WOOL and RAYON, and DRY CLEAN ONLY! Thanks a lot seller for being up front and honest. What a waste. What the hell am I supposed to do with a wool hat??

BTW I am also annoyed at this one mom at my kids school. Today #4 was crying because, as we were leaving, she dropped her hat into the snow and it got wet. I tried comforting her, but she was still upset, so I was not paying too much attention to her crying because really, what can I do? I don't have another hat on me and and I was in a rush to go home. So this other mom goes, excuse me, she's crying. so I said, yeah, I can see that, I am not blind. Why DO people feel the need to point out the obvious?????? I mean really, what the hell did the other mother want me to do about the wet hat?? Like her son is so perfect. Last summer her little angel threw a ball into #2's mouth and split her lip open when they were at the camp bus stop, and didn't even apologize to me and #2. So maybe before she opens her big trap she should take a look at herself. #4 was just upset at her hat which was SLIGHTlY damp. So the other mom can go take a flying leap. I hate moms who think they are so perfect and go around making rude comments.

Ok, I am done venting now. I feel like crap, I am extremely cranky, I have a crap taste in my mouth and since hubby's home I can finally lie down and relax.


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