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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Let's Clean Up for Pesach...

That is the song #3 is singing incessantly. "let's clean up for Pesach, it is coming soon. let's clean up for Pesach, we'll do it room by room. The song keeps running through my head. (it's sung to the tune of I've been working on the railroad). #3 and #2 went to the matzah factory at the Lubavitch shul this week and got to help make matzah and take a sample home. They were arguing about splitting the matzah with each other, as #3 went yesterday and #2 went today. I told them in a few weeks you will not be arguing over matzah, we'll be eating so much of it LOL.

#1 is having trouble with school again, he seems very wired and not wanting to do work. I told teacher this is what happened after December break, and now he was out for march break, Good Friday/Purim and the two days you told me to keep him home because of the school play at the city play house. He needs to settle back into a routine, give him some time! I think he did better with the teacher at the school he was at last year, but she is on maternity leave. I think once he gets back into a routine of doing school work he will settle down. There is a meeting with the autism team on the 9th, but its for staff only, no parents so unfortunately I will not be privy to what is being said there.

In other news, I have discovered, scramble on facebook. I LOVE IT. It is a very addicting game where you try to find words amidst a bunch of letters mixed together. At first I sucked at it, but I think I am improving. :) its a great time waster LOL. I was playing it before the kids were up this morning and the next thing I know its 7:15 am. LOL.

Anyway, I am off to make lasagna for supper. At least for Pesach I will get a break from cooking. YAY. but it will be a huge pain shlepping to the in laws for meals during chol hamoed. but on the other hand, NO COOKING. YAY. :) We don't have keilim for Pesach. I really better stop procrastinating cleaning for Pesach. The kids are making a mess everywhere with animal crackers, pretzels and bread. Sigh.


  • At 9:06 p.m., Anonymous MA said…

    Oh, I'm so addicted to PackRat, another Facebook game. In the last ten days, I've racked up 37 levels and a lot of wasted time!


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