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Monday, April 07, 2008

Pesach Countdown

Just like in my university days, I am procrastinating. I am the Queen of Procrastination! Didn't you know? :P I have yet to start any Pesach cleaning. I guess I work better under pressure, what can I say? Hubby has been doing his part, cleaning behind the couch, etc. I have been just trying to keep up with the routine stuff of laundry, etc. I know me LOL. 3 days before Pesach I will get myself into gear and clean non stop. I will probably be feeling beyond stressed out, but that's how I work. I used to do that with term papers, etc in my university days. I remember waking up 4 am and typing out a paper that was due at 9 am. and I got an A. Yahoo. Will I get an A for Pesach cleaning? I better or I be in big trouble :)

Speaking of Pesach, I fought the masses at the supermarket and got some groceries. I managed to get the last 6 cases of breaded veggie cutlets, and the remaining 4 boxes of animal crackers. My kids will be pleased. But I am a bit worried about what to serve for snack after next Thursday. I can't have them tracking chometz all over the house 2 days before Pesach. I guess we will be eating a lot of fruit for snack time :) I have to stock up on lots of cold cuts for lunch for chol hamoed. Dinner time we will be eating at the bubbie and zaidy's.

BTW the case of the missing glasses of #4 is solved! We found the glasses behind the couch in the corner. #4 kept saying something was down there during shabbos. I pulled the couch out, and voila! Glasses are back. Yay.

Now I just have to wait for #1's glasses to come in. He broke his pair at school last week, out of frustration.

Ok, time to do some laundry. Ugh.


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