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Sunday, April 13, 2008


WIth Pesach a little less than a week away, I still have a whole lot of cleaning to do. and to top it off, I am sick again :( I am waiting for my doc's office to open up to see if they can fit me in today. He has hours on Sundays and since hubby is home I will not have to shlep the kids with me. I think I have another sinus infection. All my kids have colds, and I think #4 may have an ear infection. A neighbor of mine gave me a lift the other day, with my kids, and her kids were sick, which I did not know until a few days later.

As far as cleaning goes, I still have to clean #1/#3's room, my room, the kitchen, and the basement. My goal is to be finished by Wednesday night, IY"H.

And as far as Pesachitis..people need to get a grip! and CALM DOWN!!! Pesach does not give people a license to to grab, yell at strangers, hover, and barge in on line. Last week in Sobey's I accidently bumped into a lady's ankle with my jogging stroller. I have big blind spot with that stroller, I can't see the front wheel at all when I am behind it, pushing it. I told her I was so sorry, etc. and she yelled at me! saying can't I see where I am going? why did I have to do that. I told her IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! I didn't see, and why would I hurt her on purpose?? Couldn't she see I had my hands full pushing a stroller, carrying a grocery basket and holding #4's hand at the same time. Sheesh! I had apologized right away and asked if she was okay and this is how she responds. I feel sorry for that lady's daughter in law. Then, my neighbor was in a clothing store and was about to start self check out when some pushy lady barged ahead and started her own order. Today I was in the bakery and saw people buying dozens and dozens of rolls..hoarding, basically. It irritated me. then again, I am feeling under the weather, so I am irritable to begin with today. Then as I was paying this pushy lady was hovering on top of me while I was entering my pin # in the interac pad to pay for my order. I shielded it from her, but sheesh! She was so engrossed with ordering cheese buns she invaded my personal space. I HATE this time of year. Pesach is not an excuse for RUDE and PUSHY behaviour!! It's a Chilul Hashem. Pesach is only 8 days!!! its not a month, its not a year. Why do people make such a big stink about not being able to eat chometz for such a short time!

Okay, that's my rant of the day. I am going to try to phone my doc's office to see if its open. I feel like crap.


  • At 2:50 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ow my you really had a day didn't you. It's like a bad snow storm around here when everyone goes into a fear driven shopping rage. The grab tons of stuff off the shelves and run people over to get to the register LOL!

    Hang in there!


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