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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Okay..I wake up this morning with pink eye, on top of having a cold. #3 was complaining of feeling sick and #4 was cranky beyond belief. So my neighbor gives me her unopened bottle of garamycin eye drops that she had but never used ( I know I know, its bad taking someone else's prescription but its EYE DROPS! ..my father in law is a pharmacist and would have given me hell for that, but its EYE DROPS. eye drops i have used before and never had a problem with.) I take #3 and #4, and #5 by default, to the pediatrician. #3 is okay, B"H. #4 has an ear infection in her right ear. All three of them have colds. #2 has a cold as well but was well enough to go to school today B"H. I told #3 if he behaved at the pharmacy I would buy him a treat at the bakery afterward. he was relatively behaved there. So at the bakery, which is a 2 minute walk from our house, I get him a treat, and as we leave the bakery, he takes off full speed ahead toward our house. But I could not catch up to him as I am walking with #4 and pushing a jogging stroller. Another frum older lady saw my plight and pushed my stroller while I carried #4 in my arms. Every time we caught up to #3 he smirked and ran even further! The lady asked me why he was running away from me, and I told her, he just likes to, but he has never done it to me before! not like this. He did run out of school that one time en-route to the gym class several months ago, during school hours, and the school tightened up their supervision on him. My next door neighbor told me I should get the child safety harness out of the cupboard and put it on him when we walk outside. I hate using it because it looks like a leash. but its better than G-d forbid getting run over. When we picked up #2 from school I told him if he did not behave he will have to put it on to keep him safe. Suffice it to say, he did not misbehave once and walked safely. If I use the harness I get snarky remarks about having my child on a kid leash, and if I don't use it, then I get snarky comments about him needing one. the episode with him today running towards the house is reason enough to use the safety harness. His safety is most important, and cars can't see little kids well. Another child on my street got hit by a car backing out last year, but was okay, thank G-d. Anyway, I was really shook up.

Hopefully the rest of the week will improve.


  • At 11:49 a.m., Blogger Z said…

    I would have wigged out too! Its one thing to have your kid on a leash when its you and the kid. Its quite another when you have a babe in arms and another and then he just takes off. I'd look at naysayers and just say, well, it's better than the alternative and hold my head high.


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