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Thursday, April 03, 2008

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I am so exhausted today. #3 kept me up half the night. He is such a poor sleeper, which in turn makes me a poor sleeper. When he gets a poor sleep, it can go one of two ways, either is he super cranky and has a melt down over every little thing, or he is super hyper. Today was the latter. While I was waiting for #1's bus, #3 wanted to join us outside to "have fun", aka run around wildly and make Mommy a nervous wreck" LOL. Hubby usually gets him to wait inside with him while he makes his lunch for work with the bribe of a pickle slice, but we are fresh out of pickles since yesterday, damn! #3, #2 ,and #1 decided they wanted to play hide and seek, which was a bad idea because if #1 is hiding when the bus comes, then the bus driver will become annoyed at the delay.

Speaking of annoyed, I am becoming annoyed with #1's teacher and aide at school. I think I liked the teacher better last year, I am happy she had a baby, but I wish she would have come back to that school. I for sure would have made a bigger argument for keeping him there. Today #1 accidentally broke his glasses at school. The shadow asked for his back up pair, but unfortunately, I do not have a back up pair, #3 broke them last April. I told her I would take them to the optician's tonight (she is our neighbor, and is a mobile optician) They probably won't be ready until end of next week as its already Thursday. So the aide gets snippy with me and says how is he supposed to do school work?? So I tell her, even if I run out right now and buy a whole new pair of glasses, it would STILL take a week to ten days. It's faster just to have them repaired, the lenses and temple are okay. We just need to order a new face for it. I told her he is far sighted too, and in the past when his glasses have broken he has never had a problem functioning in school until the new ones are ready. Sigh. Sorry, I am just cranky from sleep deprivation :)

Anyway, #4 probably needs a new pair of glasses too as the baby, aka #5 who is entering the terrible twos, took her glasses and hid them and I can't find them! Hubby and I looked everywhere for them and can not find them. Hopefully they will turn up soon, unless #5 put them in the blue box, which means they are now on their way to the recycling plant. Crap. Hope my tax refund turns up soon LOL. I hope #4 finally poops in the potty soon too. LOL. I think during Pesach, when we will be in the house alot I will put her right into underwear and put her on the potty often, and hopefully that will do the trick. I hate toilet training. :)

Right now I am listening to Weird Al on iTunes, so its sort of distracting me from my blogging :) I am disappointed hubby and I won't be able to see him in concert this summer. Weird Al is playing at CasinoRama, in Rama, Ontario. I think its during the three weeks preceding Tisha B'av, and even if it weren't, we have no car to go there.

Anyway, I will post more later when I am less tired and cranky.


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