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Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Left My Head in San Francisco

If anyone finds it, please mail it back to me :P. I am so ditzy today. I don't know what is with me LOL. I go to pick up my dry cleaning, and I am in a rush to be back before 10 am as the xbox hubby won is finally going to be couriered over today. I WOULD have been back by that time if I had not dropped my dry cleaning in a pile on the ground, and before that, going back to make sure I signed my check I wrote to them. Someone had picked up my dropped dry cleaning and put it in a Sobeys shopping cart at the other end of the plaza! Meanwhile I am frantic, thinking someone has stolen my daughter's Ralph Lauren down winter jacket (that I got as a real bargain on Ebay BNWT a few years ago and has been passed down from #2). Just then, a sobey's cashier was on her way to the cleaners so I managed to get it back, B"H. But unfortunately, I missed Purolator!! ARG. Now I will have to go the trouble of having to have it redelivered tomorrow. Why the heck am I so forgetful today! I am only 30! It's too early for this absentmindedness LOL.

In other news, we are definitely NOT going to the in laws for Shavuos. I really feel we need a break from the in laws, since having to spend an entire week of Pesach eating almost every meal with them, I think we are getting on each other's nerves. Hubby says I am just being overly sensitive, but I tried to explain to him that a daughter in law's relationship with her mother in law is very complicated. For example, if one's own mother were to say something in a snarky tone of voice, or just be really irritable with you one day, it would be different, but if one's mother in law gets irritable or whatever, it seems its more personal and annoying. I definitely did not enjoy Pesach at all, especially the last 2 days, despite the stomach flu hitting every person in my family. Like I said in an earlier post TOO MUCH is not GOOD!!!

BTW has anyone here watched Dr. Who? Hubby has gotten me hooked on that show. Don't you think the new doctor who, David Tennant, is a cutie? :P

Ok, stuff to do, and I am still so exhausted.

and BTW my title of my blog today is a take off of a tony bennett song I left my heart in san francisco, in case none of you have figured out my weird sense of humor :P


  • At 1:55 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How true it is the difference in relationship between a relationship with your own mother versus a mother in law. My husband after 10 years of marriage is just starting to get this! I can only tolerate her once a month honestly because she's just nuts sometimes.

    It's very different how you would handle a situation when it's your own mother. Hang in there. Enjoy your time away from them.


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