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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

IRPC?? Screw the IRPC!!

I am extremely upset as I type this. I am sorry I signed the IRPC decision (Internal review and placement committee)for #1's school placement for september. I DO NOT want him back there!!! This school is NOT meeting his needs at all. I spent 35 minutes today talking to #1's teacher. (he called me.) #1 is having trouble on the bus with screaming and refusing to wear his seat belt. He is coming to school agitated from the bus ride, and his teacher thinks maybe I should go back to walking him to school. Then there is the fact that there is a severe personality conflict between #1 and his morning aide. He overhead me talking to his teacher about getting him someone new for a morning aide, and went up to her this morning and told her she was fired. Then there was the fact the other aide in the class has been someone new every 3 days. (there are 2 aides in his class, one for him 1 for the general class) there is the fact that #1 is acting out in class with yelling about other people's noises, and being bossy, he tried to bite his aide when she tried to remove him from the class for being disruptive. My son is not generally like this! he is not like this to this extent at home, he is head strong, but not the way he is in school! Last year, he did NONE of this behaviour, at the other school. I am so sorry I let the school district move him back to his home school. He did fabulous at the previous school last year. This has been a horrible year for him at his current school. His teacher agrees, pretty much saying he is having great difficulty teaching #1, and why did I take him out of the other school (it was NOT my choosing), but he says, you signed the IRPC and its going to be difficult now to change his placement for september. He felt he was not the right teacher for #1, it's obvious #1 is not getting his needs met there. It just so happens #1's karate teacher has a wife who is special ed teacher in the district, and has kids like #1 in her class (high functioning asperger's, ADHD, learning disabled). I spoke to her via him on Sunday. Today I called and told him, I know this is not proper procedure, but I explained #1's troubles and asked if his wife would be willing to take #1 on as a student, or give me advice on how to get him out of this school into another in the district with a better suited program for him. He is going to speak to her and call me tonight with some advice. I also made an appointment with the psychologist who tested #1 3 years ago to have another psycho-educational assessment done. #1's teacher told me he knows how I only want the best for #1, and that he recommends I phone the principal to discuss this situation. I left voicemail but will try again tomorrow morning. I am very upset and stressed out over this. I wish I knew this info before the IRPC meeting. I would not have let them put him in this same situation for next year. I want him back at either the previous school or the one the karate teacher's wife teaches at. This is going to be a very difficult next few weeks until I figure out the best place for school for him, and a long fight in making the school district change the IRPC placement.


  • At 11:58 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't know the Canadian system, but it seems to me that you need an advocate and a good one at that. You need to have a team meeting at the school with you, the teacher, the aide, your husband, the school psychologist, and an advocate. The advocate is trained and knows how and what to do to get the best services that your kid needs and deserves. Not that you are not the best advocate for him but most often, the parent does not see the whole situation clearly. It seems very late in the school year for you to be hearing this news from the teacher. I would be calling the principal tomorrow and get the meeting started. For your son's sake, however, get an advocate!

  • At 6:33 a.m., Blogger Yiddishkeit said…

    Thank you :)


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