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Monday, May 26, 2008

My little parrot

#1 is so funny. He has taken to memorizing commercials. Over shabbos dinner, he asked me if I was having break outs. I am all confused, and am like, huh?? he says if you are, just use noxema. LOL. Today he came home with an invitation his friend gave him, dated march 30. it was for another boy's party that was over 2 months ago. I didnt' look at the date and rsvpd. the mother seemed confused. the mother then told me she wasn't having a party. then I realized it said MARCH 30th. and besides may 30th is a friday. whoops. I need some sleep, me thinks LOL.

well, it's expected I am so tired, after coming home from the e.r. last night at 11:30 pm. #1 and #3 were roughhousing on the bed at bedtime right as hubby was getting the books to tutor #1 in yiddishkeit and #2 went into their room to see and #3 accidently banged into #2's forehead with the back of his head, which then formed a little gash on her, right above her eyebrow. Being I don't have a car, I phoned my mother in law to ask for a lift to the e.r. . she told me she isn't' staying with me at the hospital only dropping me off, despite the fact that my brother in law is being watched by someone and my father in law would be home any minute from shul and take over from the sitter. I have no family here, and my husband needed to stay with the kids. I had asked my mother in law what about if my father in law watches the kids while she can give me and hubby a lift to the hospital with #2 and then she can go home to the sitter. she didn't want to. I am a very nervous type of person and am a bit phobic of ontario hospitals after hearing so many terrible things about its health care and having several negative personal experiences myself. I asked my neighbor to come with me, as we are friends, and she said okay. then my mother in law asks why I need her to come with me. Because I do not like being alone at the hospital and do not want an anxiety attack either. So my neighbor met me at the hospital and stayed with me the whole time and gave us a lift home. #2 needed glue and a steri strip as they were out of the liquid freezy stuff called lat(sp?) used to numb the area before stitches. B"H She is ok and today was very excited to tell every single person we saw at school today about her adventures. The doctor at the e.r. was very nice and looked a lot like david tennant from doctor who. not only that, instead of calling himself dr. so and so, he called himself the doctor, just like doctor who, and he did it several times. My neighbor and I were a bit in shock about how my mother in law never bothered to come back to the hospital. at least she did call though. Anyway I got a lift from my neighbor home so it doesn't make much of a difference. I want to get her something nice to show my appreciation for staying with me and #2 until 11:30 pm...

time to go..hubby is home now.


  • At 3:40 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That is so nice of your neighbor for doing that for you. Boy your mother in law is a real doozy! I mean it's her grandchild.

    I can't talk because my mother in law is a complete nut LOL!

    Glad to hear all is OK.


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