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Friday, May 23, 2008

My moment in DitzyLand

I sign up for focus groups. I love going to these to share my opinion on a variety of topics, plus I get paid 50 dollars and sometimes more for my time! Yesterday I got a call from one of the marketing agencies that run these, and the guy says to me, the people coming are a very interesting bunch, the topic is spirits. So, I tell him no..I can't go to a focus group about that! It's inappropriate. and he asks me why, so I tell him I am an orthodox Jew, and I don't feel comfortable discussing ghosts. So he starts laughing. Apparently, spirits means alcohol! DOH! I am such a ditz LOL. So obviously I don't drink, so I was screened out of the focus group about that topic. hehehe :P

So anyway I have not posted in a week. Sorry about that. I just was feeling lazy :P. Not much else interesting happened. #2 went on a class trip to a farm yesterday, #1 went on a class trip today to an outdoor adventure place. I have a meeting next Friday to finally meet the Autism Team in person. #1's teacher is not so crazy about the team, he says they never return calls, etc. and that their ideas are always just ideas, nothing concrete he can put to use, nothing exact. I am not sure what I will get out of this meeting, but hopefully I will get #1's name on the waiting list for a psychoeducational assessment, as the last one, he was only 4 and not all the tests could be completed at that time. He seems to be having a great week this week, B"H. I am glad. Maybe the break from bussing was just what was needed.

#2 is turning 6 this Thursday, (my how time flies!) She is graduating Senior Kindergarten June 17th! She will be getting her very first siddur with her name in Hebrew engraved inside. Next year she will be in grade 1 and get to wear the "big girls" uniform. #4 had her interview with the pre-school director this past week and will be starting nursery IY"H in September. She is potty trained, but we are still working on the poo part. She holds it in because she is afraid of pooing in the toilet, alternatively, she gets a pull up and poops in it and then wipes her own tushy...sigh. I think some bribes are in order to get the poop in the right place. :) As for #3, we are not sure if he should repeat junior kindergarten or go into S.K. He knows his aleph bais, but he is one of the youngest in the class, and still quite playful. S.K. is a lot of work and they need to learn how to read Hebrew and get homework. the director said she will discuss with his teachers and let me know where he will be for September by the end of June. #1 will be in grade 3 in september, IY"H.

Anyway, this Sunday, I am planning on going to a street sale. I plan on being an early bird, IY"H. I asked hubby to feed the kids breakfast for me so I can see if I can snag some good deals. I want to get another little tykes cozy coupe car, and some other toys for the kids. I find a lot of the good stuff gets bought up early by people who do this thing all the time, the professional garage sale shoppers LOL. I am still a novice, plus I have no vehicle so it makes it doubly hard to get things home. Anyways..

Have a good Shabbos! :)


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