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Friday, May 09, 2008

School Daze..

So, an update. I spoke with #1's principal yesterday morning. She said its the school's job to meet #1's needs so he will be able to learn there, and that there was no reason to change schools. I am going to be meeting with her, #1's teacher, and the autism team so we can discuss what our plans are for #1 so he will have a better rest of this school year and a good start to next year's school year. I am going to get him another psychoeducational assessment, but unfortunately, the psychologist who tested him 3 years ago when #1 was at a private Jewish school can't test him now, as he works for the school district for our region, and its in his work agreement not to take kids who attend school in the district as clients. So he is referring me to his co-worker who works for another school district. But I don't have her # and will have to wait for her to call. (he said he would pass on my number to her) Otherwise if I don't hear back from her by Monday or Tuesday, I will make an appointment with the psychologist who works for the school #1 used to go to that was for special needs a few years ago. (we had pulled him out of that school because its for kids who are severely disabled, such as cerebral palsy, downs, severe autism, etc) and #1 was not really learning anything there as he is very high functioning, B"H)

Anyway, that's the update so far. I feel a lot better after speaking with the principal. now I just have to wait for the psychologist who works with #1's original psychologist to call. I hate waiting for calls :P

time to get dressed now...


  • At 11:45 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hope that everything works out with the school for your son. It must be so fusturating for you and your family.

    Hang in there!


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