A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ants in your pants...or elsewhere!

Today I took #1 and #5 to the pediatrician...#1 because he had an itchy rash on his stomach, and #5 as she had pink eye. My father in law watched #3 and #4. I took #2 to camp on the way to the doctor. When we got back, I stood outside thanking my father in law as he got his bike to go home. Just then, I felt something on my neck. My father in law knows I am bug phobic to the extreme, so he told me he didn't want to scare me but a large ant just climbed down my neck to elsewhere. Just then, I felt some stinging sensation in my bra!! I quickly said goodbye and discovered a freaking HUGE ant!! I think I screamed so loud my father in law heard me all the from the road. LOL. That was really freaking gross. I HATE BUGS! This ant was abnormally large, like a queen ant. How the hell did it get on my neck anyway??? YUCK YUCK YUCK. Okay, that is my freak out announcement of the day. You may now resume other more normal activities. Laterz. :P

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Far Away...

I am really worried about my dad. He's been having a hard time in the past year, he lost his job, and could not find one that paid equal salary, he divorced the horrible step-momster who also stuck him with a lot of bills and upgraded her cellphone before he got a chance to cancel the account. Yesterday, I phoned my dad to chat and his speech was all slurred. I spoke to my sis and she said he took 5 mg of Clonazapam (there were 5 1 mg pills left in his bottle), and his prescription for Paxil had run out a few days before and he had stopped it cold turkey and he couldn't afford the pills as he has no health care. He told my sister he wanted to take the rest of his blood pressure pills too, but thank G-d he didn't. It turns out Wal-Greens will renew his Paxil for only 10 dollars so he is going to get a refill today. My sis wanted to call 911 and get my dad help but my aunt (his sister) and my grandmother's caretaker (my grandmother is 83 and has dementia) didn't feel it was necessary. My sis and I felt it WAS necessary and can't believe how our family is not taking this seriously and instead of getting him the help he really needs, they are just yelling at him. I am stuck in Canada and can't do much for my dad here, but my sis is near my dad and she is keeping a close eye on him. I am worried my dad will try again. I told my dad if his speech is slurred next time or if there is any indication that he took too much clonazapam or any other medication, I will tell my sister and have her dial 911, or I will find a way to get him emergency help in his town,. I could look up the number on the internet in two seconds and have an EMT or police check on his welfare. I told my sis G-d forbid if there is a next time, she should ignore my aunt and just call 911. If he is a danger to himself, that is a DIRE MEDICAL EMERGENCY! I am really worried about my dad :( It sucks to be so far away and not to be able to help more. :(((((

Monday, July 28, 2008

sinus infection

I haven't posted in a few days. I am feeling run down and crummy, and on top of it all I had to call a plumber because a dvd remote got flushed down the toilet. This was on Sunday. Because it was Sunday, it cost me $186 plus tax! which comes to 212 dollars. I am quite upset as hubby just got a long awaited bonus and we were using it to buy back to school stuff and I was going to use it to buy the winter boots end of august. now I will have to use a nice chunk of it on this toilet garbage.. :( I have a sinus infection and am feeling incredibly cranky and irritable.

In other news, yesterday, I borrowed the key to the shed from a neighbor on the landscaping committee, with whom #1 shared a bus with her daughter in school last year. Her daughter has some issues (she has anger management issues), and her and #1 didn't get along so well, though #1 was not aware of that fact unfortunately. He came with me to get the key, (I thought they got along for the most part or else I would have left him behind with hubby) and the girl was so rude to my son. All he did was say hi, and she slammed the door on him and screamed at him to get away. He felt so bad after. I told him he was a good boy and unfortunately sometimes people just don't click and its nothing he did. (he really did nothing..the only thing that happened is that on the bus #1 talks kind of loudly and non stop, and she was very rude in dealing with it. She is almost 11 and he is only 7 1/2. She could have been a lot nicer to him about it. It doesn't make a difference anymore I guess because she is going to a different school in September. I worry about #1's self esteem. My best friend in Pennsylvania has a son with mild autism and when we visited last December, #1 and her son got along great. I wish they lived here and then #1 could have such a great friend. I would also have my best friend here. She and I have been friends since I was 8 years old. Here in toronto I find a lot of people in the frum community are snobby, cliquey, and narrow-minded, so different from the friendly community I became frum with in New Jersey 10 years ago. I just want #1 to feel he belongs and feel good about himself.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hole in the Wall!

A few months ago,the kids accidentally put a doorknob size hole in the wall of #1/#3's room as the door stop was missing when we moved in, we hadn't bothered putting in a door stop, and opening the door fast caused the knob to bang into the wall. last night, #1 put his glasses in his kippa and left it on my nightstand when he went to take a shower. #4 also put her glasses in his kippah too as she was getting ready for bed. I was distracted and thought I put them away on a high shelf after. This morning, I went to look for it and could not find it at all. That's when #3 informed it was *gone*. I asked him, what do you mean GONE?? Gone where???? #3 says I put it in the doorknob hole in the wall! AAAAAAH. How am I supposed to get them back???????? It just so happens my in laws came home from Israel early this morning. I felt so bad asking them to help on their first day back but my father in law owns a saw and I needed to saw the wall open to get it back. My father in law came around 10:30 am and went to work. Not only did we find the kippa (which is now ruined from the plaster) we found both pair of glasses (which fortunately were NOT ruined and were okay) 2 mini toy cars, a few pairs of #1' s socks, and #2's plastic ring she got from her morah). My father in law will be back to plaster it up after we get a door stop for #1/#3's room which should be tonight. I will have to go back to wal-mart. Most people complain about not having anything interesting happening to them. Boy, I wish I could complain about that!!! I don't thinK I have had a dull moment really in years.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#1's 15 seconds of fame

Here is the clip of #1's 15 seconds of fame. #1 and #3 are towards the end of the clip, a little after showing the workmen working on the sewer system. I can hear #2 yelling, and me yelling " Guys, get out of the water now" LOL. Many people have stopped me today to say they saw #1 on TV and heard me yelling. so embarrassed LOL. I can also hear #3 yelling while frolicking in the water, and you can get a brief glimse of #4. I had given #4 and #5 ice pops on the way to get #2 and #4 has blue ice pop all by her mouth LOL.

Michael Savage: You can kiss my tuchus

Let me give you a bit of background in case you have not read or heard: This radio talk show host says kids with autism are really just brats. Well, let me tell you something Mr. SAVAGE: my son is a loving affectionate boy. He IS NOT A BRAT. Do you think if my son had a choice on how to react to things he would choose to freak out over loud noises, changes in routine? Do you think he WANTS to have social problems and not understand certain social boundaries???? My son tries so hard to fit in with other kids yet still has trouble, and feels bad when other kids don't want to play with him?? Do you honestly think he chooses this for his life, as you put it, because autism is not a real disease, just being a brat???? The only real brat here is you, shooting off your big fat mouth. Maybe try doing a little reasearch on autism, or spending some time with a child on the autism spectrum before announcing on your radio show that autistic kids are just brats.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mortified and Soaking Wet on CityTv News

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! Thanks to #1 we are probably going to end up on CityTV news tonight. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You see, we had heavy rains today. My street was not flooded. But the street #2's camp is on had a severe flood, high enough it was up to #3's chest. #1 went up to the newscaster and asked if he could be on TV. she was interviewing someone else, to my relief, though my yells of GET OUT OF THE WATER NOWWWWWWW sort of broke through the interview (G-d I really hope there is a way to edit out my yelling) so I thought I would just get #2 and go home. #2's camp lady saw me and said it was too deep and she would bring #2 to me instead of me wading through the mess. So that is when #1 and #3 decided to go swimming!!! They would not get out of the water. So the newscaster told #1 if he got out of the water she would put him on TV. so he comes out, gives his name and age and then proceeded to go even deeper in the water with #3. I jokingly told the newscaster I was going to cry. she thought I was serious and I had to tell her I was joking. The whole thing was a freaking disaster!! I tried to go in to get them but did not want to leave the stroller unattended. The camp lady tried to help me too from her end of the mini-pool. #3 did the back crawl. My purse, shoes, socks and cell phone are now soaking wet. #3 was wet from neck down, #1 from waist down, #2 just her shoes. Thank G-d a zaidy saw me having a terrible time and told #3 in a stern voice GET OUT and go back to your mom NOW. G-d I really hope CityTV news does not put this on the air. I want to dig a hole right now and crawl into it LOL. I need Harry Potter's invisible cape. I am humiliated on CityTV news. OMG.

Friday, July 18, 2008

car decals

ok, I would really LOVE to thank the classy guy who stuck a car decal in plain view on his car of a cartoon character with his tushy bared, peeing into a bucket. Your wife/girlfriend/significant other must be so proud to ride around in your car with you and that vulgarity stuck to the side of the car. Thank you! (I am being very sarcastic here) Every day I pass this damn car, and I didn't even realize this decal was there until yesterday when #1 started laughing hysterically on the way to get #2 from camp. I couldn't figure out what was so funny until #1 said mom come look at this! Yikes!! He asked me why it was on the car and I told him the person who owns the car must find it funny , but really its not a polite sticker and not to look at it anymore. Its vulgar! sheesh. I do not want my kids looking at that and am very offended someone would stick such a graphic decal on their car. what the hell is wrong with some people?? Honestly..

Anyway, in other news, I won a 100 dollar gift card today from Scotts paper towels instant win contest, and 5 free song down loads from Logictech from puretracks. I should be receiving the gift card in a few weeks. yay! :)

Not much else doing..just so tired and want to take a nap, but I can't right now. I hope hubby will look after the kids this shabbos so I can rest and have a bit of a break. I feel so tired. I think my sleep apnea is getting worse and I am going to have to stop procrastinating and finally go for a sleep study. Hubby was complaining about my snoring. ZZZZZZZZ :P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is it hot in here?

Heat wave! we are having one. with the humidex it was 94 out today. It is supposed to cool off after Sunday.

So anyways, I have not posted in a few days as I was really not feeling well. but I am feeling better today. I had some weird virus and was running a fever off and on. It's been a long week and I am looking forward to a relaxing shabbos IY"H. I got another call from my brother in law's camp today. It turns out his feet got a bad infection almost down to the bone and he has to go for an x-ray. It's from his leg braces. He is on a strong antibiotic (Augmentin) and had to have debridement and a follow up visit. I called my in laws right away even though at the time it was 1 am in Israel. Good thing I did as it turns out my brother in law is allergic to penicillins, which is in augmentin, so he will probably have to swtich. My father in law called the camp. He is a pharmacist so he would know best what is a good substitute drug for him.

My boys have been a real handful this week as I think they are starting to be a bit bored. I am really looking forward to the first day of school :P

Not much else doing, I just came back from a big food shopping (I shop for 2 weeks at a time as I don't have a car and hate having to ask every week for a lift home from the market. It was extremely busy at sobeys.

Before I log off I have a bit of a ramble. I was thinking back to my university days (10 years ago! Yikes) If the old me could see the now me I would kick myself in the ass LOL. I think that will be my goal, to try to remember how to be more chill like I was in university (though I was always a TYPE A, I was never such a worrywart back then like I am now. and also to remember how thin I was and to really try to remember that next time I am stressed out and want to binge on chocolate cookies. . My friend is writing a blog on weight loss, and its kind of giving me an incentive to also lose weight. I know I will never be a size 6 again, but I would take a 12. Anything but the 16 I am now :(((((((((((((. I was so thin in university. I am going to be 31 and I know it gets harder to lose weight as you get older, so I think its something I will be focusing on once 4 out of the 5 will be in school in september. I think I will be a lot more relaxed also as I will have just one at home while the rest will be in school. It will be weird at first, and then I am sure I will love it :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fed up!

I am so fed up these past few days. First of all, I get a call from my brother in law's camp in NY (he is very disabled, wolf-hirschhorn disease). I am the emergency contact as my in laws are in Israel. He has a cyst on one foot and some sore on the other from his leg braces. It's not an emergency they say, but what do I want the camp to do? I told them let me call my in laws in israel. They have rented a cell there with a calling plan. They did not answer. I try to reach them sunday, no answer. so I call the camp Sunday morning and tell them just leave the braces off his legs until I can get ahold of my in laws. I try today several times..no answer. ARG!!!! My brother in law should not have to wait till the end of the month! It's not fair to him, but I am worried my in laws will be mad if I tell the camp go ahead and have the cyst removed, etc. It's not my child to make the decision for. I hope they check in with us soon.

Then, when I went to pick up my in law's mail Sunday at 9:30 am from the bitch neighbor, she yelled at me. She said "you've got to be kidding me, 9:30 am?? I was sound asleep. I told her I thought that was a reasonable time! all my friends and neighbors were up. I assumed you were too. She said, my friends are up too. that doesn't mean I am. I was so pissed. I am not getting the mail anymore. My mother in law can pick up the damn mail herself when she comes back from Israel. I will still pop over once this week and once next week to empty the humidifier and that's it. Second of all, I went to deposit my father in law's paychecks for him which was really out of my way and then had to go back to their house to drop off the bank card (I didn't want to carry their card around with the pin # written down in my bag) Then by the time I get home, I discover while hubby was watching the kids somehow #3 ate about 12 flintstone vitamins with iron!! ARG! I am not sure if hubby left the vitamins out after giving one to #2 or if #3 just climbed up on his own. So much for the childproof cap on it. I called poison control who told me he did not eat enough to harm himself, B"H, but not to give him any for 1 week and to give him lots of fluids as the iron will constipate him. I told hubby that's it. either we put up the magnetic locks on the cupboards or I am going to go buy a lockbox from staples or wal-mart.

Third of all I am pretty sure #5 has an ear infection, and that the cipro I am taking is not really working very well. I do not want to take all 4 of the kids (one of the five is in camp so I only have 4 home during the day) to the pediatrician's office. I tried to call the doc who makes house-calls but apparently he is on vacation :( So I had to call medvisit aka dr. quack because there is no way I am taking both #3 and #1 with me to the pediatrician's office, they get too rambunctious there. The doc is supposed to come tonight. as for me, with the bladder infection, I will have to go to a walk in clinic some time in the next week or so to get a requisition for a urine culture to make sure the infection is truly gone.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


My in laws are in Israel! :) My father in law called me 3 p.m. EDT (10 p.m. Israel time). He left msg., so I wanted to call him back but it wasn't working right. So I called hubby who gave me the international calling code thingy I was missing (011). and it worked! :)
They must be very jet lagged, so when #2 came home from camp I figured my in laws must be already asleep and didn't think it was a great idea to phone there again. tomorrow I will call them, but I have to find out what time candle-lighting is in Jerusalem so I don't accidentally phone when its shabbos there.

I am feeling a bit better today, hopefully the cipro is working. My family doc is making aliyah after next week and will only be back 2 weeks out of the month thereafter. but will be in touch with his office daily and has a part time doc covering for him. So I want to get a requisition before he leaves to make sure my bladder infection is truly gone. I am worried I may have to find a new family doc and there is a severe shortage here. my doc is only flying back and forth for a year to see how it goes before making a permanent decision on whether he is continuing his practice here. I hope he does continue or else my new family doc will be the walk in clinic, which is a very very bad idea. why can't ontario just be a normal province and have normal health care!

Anyway, not much else is doing..still waiting impatiently for my winners gift card I won in that contest. I am supposed to get it by next week. So hopefully soon :)

anyway, my gefilte fish is ready to come out of the pot now..

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

not feeling well

I went to the walk in clinic tonight after hubby came home. I do indeed have a UTI...a bad one :( I am on cipro 500 mg 2x a day for 7 days and am supposed to see my family doc for follow up. I am a bit worried because I am having slight chills..I hope its not spreading to my kidney, G-d forbid. The walk in doc made me a bit nervous about it because of my grade 2 cystocele and the fact that I was already on macrobid 1x a day (bedtime) to prevent infections and I still got this.) and I had let it go 2 weeks..he told me if I start to run a fever go right to the E.R. I just took my temp before and it was normal, B"H. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in tomorrow. I only took 1 dose so far.

How Many Days Until School Starts???

I can not believe it, but I am actually looking forward to the start of school again. #1 is bored and driving me bananas. He keeps bugging his siblings, taking off #5's hat repeatedly when we are walking to pick up #2 from camp. He keeps asking to use the washroom at the camp lady's house, and after the washroom, he does not leave to go out but tries to "go exploring", to use his words. LOL. Today he keeps emptying out the tzedakah can, and stacking the money in piles according to the change, and then putting them all back into the pushke. So I guess that's okay as long as its keeping him busy and he is putting it all back into the can.

Not much else doing..I am feeling cranky from a bladder infection and have to go to the walk in clinic tonight as its too difficult to take the 4 of them with me to my family doc. That should be fun. (am being sarcastic). I hate walk in clinics with a passion but I have no choice if I don't want to end up with a kidney infection. G-d forbid.

I'm feeling irritated a certain extended family member who is going on a two week vacation to Israel. last year I brought in their mail no problem. This year she is making it so damn complicated. She says the mail comes in the morning, so she asked her neighbor to get it and I have to make arrangements with the neighbor to get the mail and pay her bills and deposit paycheck of other extended family member. I really don't mind at all doing this, except the going to the neighbor part. I don't get it. why can't I just get the mail from the box myself if I have to go over there anyway??? I did this last year and it was fine. She says, the mail comes in the morning..so I told her, yes..I always picked it up that same evening and it was gone by the next morning from the box so the mail man has an empty box again for you. She didn't seem too enthralled with that. So whatever. why does everything always have to be so damn complicated? She says well not to worry if her neighbor is not home or whatever.. I feel, I have enough to do with the 5 kids, I don't like her neighbor too much as when I severed part of the tendon in my finger last year, I had panicked and knocked on her door for help. she said what do u want me to do about it? Anyway, I had ended up going to the urgent care clinic and gotten it taken care of by a special splint I had to wear, which was not so comfortable, but anyways..UGH. I am so damn cranky today.

Okay, I have to go start making lasagna now. Will post more laterz.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Head, shoulders, hand foot and mouth

Its contagious!! #3 and #1 have the coxsackie virus, aka hand foot and mouth disease. #3 just has some sores on his tongue and a few on the roof on the mouth. #1 has it worse, with blisters on the roof of his mouth, throat, and on his feet. he keeps trying to pop the ones on his feet, and I keep trying to distract him from doing it. #2 is worried she will catch it, and most likely she will. I think #5 has it, I thought I saw some of the blisters on the roof of her mouth. The doc who made the housecall this morning said its very contagious. He said not much you can do for it, just tylenol for the fever. Apparently, spaghetti and meatballs was not a good food for supper to eat with the sores in the mouth Despite that, #1 was feeling okay enough to see Wall-E today with #2, hubby and me. MIL watched the rest of our gang while we were at the theatre. It was a great kids movie, highly recommend.

On Friday night, we went to sheva brachos at my mother in law's. I stupidly listed my blog address on my facebook account, and someone there on my facebook friend list told me I should try to make my blog more interesting. I say, BITE ME :P heheehe but that's not actually what I said. I told the person I vent my feelings on it and I don't care if people find it interesting or not. its my diary. Just like I am in real life, I don't care too much what people think of me or my writing. I am who I am, either like me or don't like me. I am not a phony, and I hate people who are. I have not had the easiest life, and after caring too much in high school what was thought about me, and having low self esteem, I decided what's most important is what you think of yourself, not the opinion of people who barely know you. I am not much of a social person. I feel very uncomfortable and self conscious in social situations with people I don't know well. and I was thrust into a sheva brachos with about 30 people. My true friends are in New Jersey. My friends who really get me and understand me and my quirky sense of humor. I find toronto can be a snooty and unfriendly place. I miss my friends...wah :( Don't mind my rant. I am PMSing :P hehehe

Anyway, tonight I plan on watching the season finale of Doctor Who. and am going to get the kids ready for bed now as its after 8 pm and I really want to watch it.


Thursday, July 03, 2008


Yes, it's that time of year again. #2 is going to a backyard camp and so far is having a good time. Everything would be perfect if #1 would stop trying to barge into the house of the lady who is running the camp. yesterday when we picked up #2, #3 needed to use the washroom, so #1 decided it would be a great idea to squeeze past me to run up the stairs of the house. I was mortified when he decided to then run down into the lady's basement! ARG! I explained to her privately about Asperger's and so she was very understanding of 1's behaviour. Today we prevented him from running in by opening the door enough for #2 to go in alone, without him. I just hope we have the same easy time when picking up #2 this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon, I hooked up this kid sprinkler in the backyard. BAD IDEA. :P not only did it flood my grassless backyard into a mud pit, and caused a mini pool behind the air conditioner, where the tap is, #2 freaked out when getting sprayed by the sprinkler. #1, #3 and #4 loved it. #5 was not too thrilled. In addition #1 managed to soak part of my couch and living room, and then proceeded to soak me as I was trying to shut off the tap. I have moved the sprinkler into my garage and deem it a "toy for bubbe's backyard only". She doesn't know it yet but I have a nice little toy for her to store in her backyard :P I am sure she will be so thrilled LOL :) actually, I am sure she will not mind it at all.

Anyway, that's it for now, tomorrow we are going to sheva brachos at my mother in law's house. (tomorrow night) that means I don't have to cook for Friday night dinner! We invited an acquaintance and his wife who have 3 boys of their own, and my mother in law's friend has her 2 grandsons. that means there will be 10 kids, 7 of them being boys ages 8 and under, in addition to about 20 adults. :P Let the good times roll! :P