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Monday, July 14, 2008

Fed up!

I am so fed up these past few days. First of all, I get a call from my brother in law's camp in NY (he is very disabled, wolf-hirschhorn disease). I am the emergency contact as my in laws are in Israel. He has a cyst on one foot and some sore on the other from his leg braces. It's not an emergency they say, but what do I want the camp to do? I told them let me call my in laws in israel. They have rented a cell there with a calling plan. They did not answer. I try to reach them sunday, no answer. so I call the camp Sunday morning and tell them just leave the braces off his legs until I can get ahold of my in laws. I try today several times..no answer. ARG!!!! My brother in law should not have to wait till the end of the month! It's not fair to him, but I am worried my in laws will be mad if I tell the camp go ahead and have the cyst removed, etc. It's not my child to make the decision for. I hope they check in with us soon.

Then, when I went to pick up my in law's mail Sunday at 9:30 am from the bitch neighbor, she yelled at me. She said "you've got to be kidding me, 9:30 am?? I was sound asleep. I told her I thought that was a reasonable time! all my friends and neighbors were up. I assumed you were too. She said, my friends are up too. that doesn't mean I am. I was so pissed. I am not getting the mail anymore. My mother in law can pick up the damn mail herself when she comes back from Israel. I will still pop over once this week and once next week to empty the humidifier and that's it. Second of all, I went to deposit my father in law's paychecks for him which was really out of my way and then had to go back to their house to drop off the bank card (I didn't want to carry their card around with the pin # written down in my bag) Then by the time I get home, I discover while hubby was watching the kids somehow #3 ate about 12 flintstone vitamins with iron!! ARG! I am not sure if hubby left the vitamins out after giving one to #2 or if #3 just climbed up on his own. So much for the childproof cap on it. I called poison control who told me he did not eat enough to harm himself, B"H, but not to give him any for 1 week and to give him lots of fluids as the iron will constipate him. I told hubby that's it. either we put up the magnetic locks on the cupboards or I am going to go buy a lockbox from staples or wal-mart.

Third of all I am pretty sure #5 has an ear infection, and that the cipro I am taking is not really working very well. I do not want to take all 4 of the kids (one of the five is in camp so I only have 4 home during the day) to the pediatrician's office. I tried to call the doc who makes house-calls but apparently he is on vacation :( So I had to call medvisit aka dr. quack because there is no way I am taking both #3 and #1 with me to the pediatrician's office, they get too rambunctious there. The doc is supposed to come tonight. as for me, with the bladder infection, I will have to go to a walk in clinic some time in the next week or so to get a requisition for a urine culture to make sure the infection is truly gone.


  • At 12:35 p.m., Anonymous Danielle said…

    Sounds like you need a vacation!!

  • At 2:29 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was thinking the same thing...vacation anyone?

    I would have locked myself in the bathroom and let out a really good scream LOL!

    I'm keeping you in my prayers that hopefully things will settle down a bit so you are not as stressed as you are now.

    Hang in there!

  • At 8:27 p.m., Blogger Yolen said…

    That's one rough day, yeesh!

    *Lissette from Willy P*


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