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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hole in the Wall!

A few months ago,the kids accidentally put a doorknob size hole in the wall of #1/#3's room as the door stop was missing when we moved in, we hadn't bothered putting in a door stop, and opening the door fast caused the knob to bang into the wall. last night, #1 put his glasses in his kippa and left it on my nightstand when he went to take a shower. #4 also put her glasses in his kippah too as she was getting ready for bed. I was distracted and thought I put them away on a high shelf after. This morning, I went to look for it and could not find it at all. That's when #3 informed it was *gone*. I asked him, what do you mean GONE?? Gone where???? #3 says I put it in the doorknob hole in the wall! AAAAAAH. How am I supposed to get them back???????? It just so happens my in laws came home from Israel early this morning. I felt so bad asking them to help on their first day back but my father in law owns a saw and I needed to saw the wall open to get it back. My father in law came around 10:30 am and went to work. Not only did we find the kippa (which is now ruined from the plaster) we found both pair of glasses (which fortunately were NOT ruined and were okay) 2 mini toy cars, a few pairs of #1' s socks, and #2's plastic ring she got from her morah). My father in law will be back to plaster it up after we get a door stop for #1/#3's room which should be tonight. I will have to go back to wal-mart. Most people complain about not having anything interesting happening to them. Boy, I wish I could complain about that!!! I don't thinK I have had a dull moment really in years.


  • At 6:28 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I feel so sad for you as having 5 kids is harder then me having 2. I am hoping that they will stop breaking any wall and I hope that they will act better as they all are getting older.


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