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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is it hot in here?

Heat wave! we are having one. with the humidex it was 94 out today. It is supposed to cool off after Sunday.

So anyways, I have not posted in a few days as I was really not feeling well. but I am feeling better today. I had some weird virus and was running a fever off and on. It's been a long week and I am looking forward to a relaxing shabbos IY"H. I got another call from my brother in law's camp today. It turns out his feet got a bad infection almost down to the bone and he has to go for an x-ray. It's from his leg braces. He is on a strong antibiotic (Augmentin) and had to have debridement and a follow up visit. I called my in laws right away even though at the time it was 1 am in Israel. Good thing I did as it turns out my brother in law is allergic to penicillins, which is in augmentin, so he will probably have to swtich. My father in law called the camp. He is a pharmacist so he would know best what is a good substitute drug for him.

My boys have been a real handful this week as I think they are starting to be a bit bored. I am really looking forward to the first day of school :P

Not much else doing, I just came back from a big food shopping (I shop for 2 weeks at a time as I don't have a car and hate having to ask every week for a lift home from the market. It was extremely busy at sobeys.

Before I log off I have a bit of a ramble. I was thinking back to my university days (10 years ago! Yikes) If the old me could see the now me I would kick myself in the ass LOL. I think that will be my goal, to try to remember how to be more chill like I was in university (though I was always a TYPE A, I was never such a worrywart back then like I am now. and also to remember how thin I was and to really try to remember that next time I am stressed out and want to binge on chocolate cookies. . My friend is writing a blog on weight loss, and its kind of giving me an incentive to also lose weight. I know I will never be a size 6 again, but I would take a 12. Anything but the 16 I am now :(((((((((((((. I was so thin in university. I am going to be 31 and I know it gets harder to lose weight as you get older, so I think its something I will be focusing on once 4 out of the 5 will be in school in september. I think I will be a lot more relaxed also as I will have just one at home while the rest will be in school. It will be weird at first, and then I am sure I will love it :)


  • At 11:14 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have a picture from those good old days with me and my roommate(you know who!). I look SO THIN, it's crazy to think I was once that size!

    It was a lot easier to be chill back then though, since we didn't have kids to worry about. Once you become responsible for someone else's life everything changes.


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