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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Far Away...

I am really worried about my dad. He's been having a hard time in the past year, he lost his job, and could not find one that paid equal salary, he divorced the horrible step-momster who also stuck him with a lot of bills and upgraded her cellphone before he got a chance to cancel the account. Yesterday, I phoned my dad to chat and his speech was all slurred. I spoke to my sis and she said he took 5 mg of Clonazapam (there were 5 1 mg pills left in his bottle), and his prescription for Paxil had run out a few days before and he had stopped it cold turkey and he couldn't afford the pills as he has no health care. He told my sister he wanted to take the rest of his blood pressure pills too, but thank G-d he didn't. It turns out Wal-Greens will renew his Paxil for only 10 dollars so he is going to get a refill today. My sis wanted to call 911 and get my dad help but my aunt (his sister) and my grandmother's caretaker (my grandmother is 83 and has dementia) didn't feel it was necessary. My sis and I felt it WAS necessary and can't believe how our family is not taking this seriously and instead of getting him the help he really needs, they are just yelling at him. I am stuck in Canada and can't do much for my dad here, but my sis is near my dad and she is keeping a close eye on him. I am worried my dad will try again. I told my dad if his speech is slurred next time or if there is any indication that he took too much clonazapam or any other medication, I will tell my sister and have her dial 911, or I will find a way to get him emergency help in his town,. I could look up the number on the internet in two seconds and have an EMT or police check on his welfare. I told my sis G-d forbid if there is a next time, she should ignore my aunt and just call 911. If he is a danger to himself, that is a DIRE MEDICAL EMERGENCY! I am really worried about my dad :( It sucks to be so far away and not to be able to help more. :(((((


  • At 12:40 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That sucks...I hope your dad comes out okay from this. My dad is currently going through the same situation jobwise...it's very scary =(

  • At 1:38 p.m., Blogger Z said…

    That's so tough when you're not there. I hope he can regain his footing before he hurts himself.


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