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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Help me win!! :) Pretty please!

As you know, I am a very avid contest entering person. I am entering an air miles contest to win $5000. You can help me increase my chances by clicking on the link and registering for the contest too! For every person that clicks and enters the contest, I get 10 more entries!! Thanks for your help in advance!! :)

Anyway, in other news, yesterday I got to have a bit of a girls night out with 2 of my friends. We went to second cup and got to shmooze and have yummy treats at the same time :) On my way there, I had stopped at the library, the Doctor Who 3rd season DVD collection I had on hold finally came in. I also had the kite runner DVD and some books for the kids and one for myself. I did the self serve kiosk, and there was some bug in the software and even though it showed my items were checked out, it refused to unlock the kite runner DVD insisting it was one of the Doctor Who ones that were not unlocked, even though it was alreaady unlocked. I was in a big rush as I had to meet my friends, and I just asked a worker to unlock it for me. Then after, when I went to leave, the alarm went off! it said I did not have it out! I DID. I had dropped my receipt all the way back by the kiosk and not one person would pick it up for me even though they were standing on line right next to it! Then this rude nasty russian lady who worked there made me take out all my books, checked them all back in and then rechecked it out. I was so pissed. I told her a. it was not my fault her software was screwed up. B. she was embarrassing me when I did not take a book without checkign it out. c. she was rude about it and I wanted to see her supervisor, that I have been a patron for 5 years and this never happened before. she softened up after that, but I was pissed. when she asked why I was in such a rush I told her I had to be somewhere in 10 minutes. t hen she says its not her fault, and then I said,, no actually it IS. You watched me use the self serve kiosk and saw me having troubule with the DVD unlock feature and then u make me empty out my whole bag with a line of ppl watching, knowing all it was is a damn computer glitch!! I am still pissed about that.

anyway, in the end it all worked out okay. I got my doctor who dvds on loan and met my friends for coffee. Ok, got to change #5's diaper now...Click on that link for me!! :) Thanks :)


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