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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update on my dad

okay, it turns out my sister made a slight UNDER estimate about how much clonazapam my dad took. it was not 5 mg. it was 20 -1 mg pills, which is 20 mg!! apparently he started having respiratory distress, etc, and my grandmother's nurse put ice on his head and fed him spaghetti instead of doing what any other normal person would do in that situation, which is to get a freaking doctor!! she should have called 911. what the hell is spaghetti going to do for a person who just o.d. on clonazapam??? and wtf is up with the ice on the head?? I am pissed off that the nurse did not bring my father to the emergency room! I spoke to my dad this morning and he said my mom gave him money to get his new prescription filled, for Celexa, as he could no longer afford Paxil he is on the generic equivalent of celexa which is the same thing. So now my dad is back on the SSRI for his depression. so hopefully he will feel better soon. He told me he took out all the pics of my gang and put it on his desk to help him feel cheerful. he said it gives him a reason to live. I still am worried about my dad, because of those two vivid dreams I had two weeks ago, two nights in a row, in which I had received a call about my dad, etc etc. It was so real it was scary. I never told him about this dream, only my sister, as it was a very upsetting dream, and the last 2 times I had a dream like that a few years ago, I woke up to find out someone I knew had passed on (both had terminal cancer, one was lung and one was ovarian). Sometimes I feel like I have a 6th sense. but it freaks me out. two weeks after this dream my dad actually attempted by taking those stupid tranquilizers. I had chalked the weird dreams up to the cipro I was taking for a UTI, which can cause vivid dreams. it was so vivid that when I woke up, it took me a few minutes to realize my dad was alive and had not done away with himself G-d forbid. Even though I had my dad's assurances that he would NOT try to kill himself again, I am still worried. My dad told me he has no health coverage, as he can not find a job right now and can not afford to spend time in the hospital for his depression. he said if I call 911 on him how will he pay the bills? so I told him I don't care, don't give me a reason to figure out how to get an ambulance to where you live from Canada, or get my sis to call, I would rather have a dad then sit back and do nothing. just the fact he is talking that way has me really worried. I hope my dad will find a job soon. I will daven very hard for him. I would appreciate it if you would daven for my dad too, lazar dovid ha Levi ben Florence (I do not know my grandma's Hebrew name, and now she has dementia and I will not find out..so please keep my dad in your prayers. Thanks.


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