A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


sorry I had not posted in a week. Its been hard since my grandma's passing. Her funeral was awful :( I found out she was embalmed, made to wait 5 days after her passing to be buried, and had open casket for an hour, and also was buried in a steel casket. suffice it to say, this is not according to Jewish customs regarding burial and treatment of the body. Its disrespectful to the extreme. I am sort of glad I did not come to the funeral. I could not be witness to this. No one was saying kaddish for her. my dad is not frum and was afraid to call a rabbi to arrange a minyan for the week of shiva. but he is not even really sitting shiva as he is working part time this week :( my other aunts are also not sitting shiva. one thinks of herself as a christian, the other one just does not understand. Weird things were happening. my mezuzah fell off the door frame to my room, my grandmother's chanukah card was found under my daughter's bed when I was cleaning. This morning, for some weird reason, iphoto opened up, as it somehow got switched to open at login and my grandma's photo popped up. I was speaking to this Lubavitch lady who was telling me a neshama gets trapped and can not move on if no one is saying kaddish. I loved my grandma very much and even though I have been unable to visit her in the last several years due to not being able to afford the trip, etc. I need to do this for my grandma, even though its a financial hardship. I want her neshama to be at rest. I went to Lubavitch today and the rabbi there told me I could make monthly payments of 50 dollars a month for 10 months on my charge card. So I did that. I hope now my grandma's soul will have an aliyah. I miss her terrilbly. her smile could have lit up the world. She was always so happy. I am glad I am able to do this last thing for her. I also plan on IY"H donating a siddur in her name for her shloshim and possibly sponsoring a shalosh seudos on her first yahrzeit. if that proves to be too expensive for the shalosh seudos, then I will donate money to the torah fund in her name. we'll see how we are financially next august.