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Sunday, November 23, 2008

ADHD and fish oil??

Well, we finished the psycho-educational assessment for #1. We will find out the results next Sunday. The psychologist did say he definitely has full blown Asperger's, ADHD, and learning disabilities. We will find out what kind of learning disabilities next Sunday. She mentioned it and I forgot..ironically enough, its something to do with #1's memory ability LOL, among a few other things. She will also give us a list of websites that will help #1, and some websites to give hubby and me some info. I think I would like to join the Asperger's Society so we can get discounts on some of the programming that could help #1 with social skills. I also want to look into fish oils. My son's speech therapist said its proven to be helpful with kids with ADHD with their attention spans. #1 has the triple whammy..Aspergers, ADHD, and a learning disability. She said a teacher with a lot of experience teaching Asperger kids would be helpful. I got #1's name on a waiting list for the high functioning Asperger's class for September. The co-ordinator's office called me back telling me, he needs a diagnosis..and I told them, he has 2! psychologists! saying he has Aspergers! I have 2 reports saying this!! Doh. She said to bring the report with me to the IPRC meeting in February/March. They won't let me see the Asperger's class unless #1 is going to be enrolled in it. My mother in law's cousin's daughter in law is a teacher at the school, and supposedly this is a good class. G-d wiling it is I hope for #1's sake. I really do not want to have a repeat of this year. It seems like #1's teaching assistant and teacher have no experience with Asperger's and seem shocked when #1 makes inappropriate comments. (he is often focused on religion, asking kids in the class who is Jewish, and making comments about his aide's religious observance, inappropriate comments.) the psychologist told me to tell his aide that he has Asperger's and just ignore the innappropriate comments. I would like to enroll #1 in some social skills classes, but its so damn expensive..between $650 to 800 dollars.

In other news..I am sick :( I have a bad cold for the past week and my sinuses are really painful, its making my back right molar ache, and these past two days I have been feeling exhausted after just doing one or two chores. Good thing I am going to my doc tomrrow for my b-12 injection so maybe she can see if I have a sinus infection. I feel crappy. I seem to have such a weak immune system ever since having #5. I am not sure if its because I am constantly on antibiotics for my chronic UTI's from my prolapse, or because I never get enough rest.

Okay, I am going to try again to convince #1 #2 and #3 and #5 to go to sleep, AGAIN. they are all up playing with #3's Vtech cars computer I got for his 5th birthday (which was this past friday!! my baby!!! :) At least #4 is sleeping. Hubby is babysitting my brother in law while my mother in law gets my father in law from work.

Nitey nite..


  • At 8:54 a.m., Blogger MA said…

    My son was diagnosed with borderline Asperger's and ADHD with impulsivity control. After several years of resisting meds, we finally agreed to try Abilify for our son -- he just takes 2mg, the smallest dose, each night. Within two weeks, we saw a huge difference. He still struggles, but his thought process is a little clearer, he's able to do his classwork most days, and his communication has greatly improved. FWIW, I hope you find a good solution for your boy.

  • At 7:26 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My son has high functioning autism (PDD-NOS) and ADD also. He ALSO focuses on religion and makes inappropriate comments although its gotten better as he has aged (he is 15 now). He has a Jewish therapist who understands where he's coming from so that helped. We also involved him in as many Jewish groups as we could including Yachad and NCSY (we have the greatest rabbi who allowed Yachad to mainstream him in) as well as other activities that got him around any and ALL people...his therapist and Yachad person work with him on social skills too. We are really blessed. My advice to you as a young mom is to get #1 out with as many typical kids as you can. He will have to adapt. Yes there will be bumps but its better for him...that is how he will learn. But keep him moving socially. My kid is like Julie on the Love Boat now...Mr. Social Butterfly and it's ALL because we forced him and made him learn to act appropriately. Good luck!!!!

    PS. I used to be Z at Matzah and Marinara but I moved to shirasimcha dot wordpress dot com.

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