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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am so frustrated and annoyed right now. My dad, who has been suffering greatly since my grandmother died this past August is finally at the hospital getting the help he really needs. and all my mother cares about is that he is not picking up my sister tomorrow and going to see her. First of all, they are divorced! for years, like 11 years???? second of all, my dad is finally getting help and all she care about is herself, that she can't get her stupid donut from dunkin donuts. I yelled at her and then got quickly off the phone with her. I phoned my sister who told me I did the right thing and is really annoyed at her too. It really annoys me. My dad has been suffering for 3 months and is having a nervous breakdown. My sister said she is not sure if they are going to hold him for 72 hours or not, but hopefully he will get the anti depressants he needs to function and enjoy life again.

Today we picked up the report from the psychoeducational assessment. It basically said everything we were expecting, the ADHD and Asperger's and also goes into detail about #1's learning disability. The psychologist recommended leaving him at his current school for another year and then switching him as the Asperger's program we were thinking of only goes up to grade 4 and he would have to switch schools again, and I think that is just too much for him. I would like the next switch to be his last until high school.

Tomorrow night I have parent/teacher conferences for #2. #1's was Thursday night. I am feeling pissy and annoyed right now so I will post more later after I know more about how my dad is doing at the hospital. Hasn't my family been through enough the past few months?? When will it get better for my father???


  • At 6:11 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I feel so sad I left your father and cannot wait to see you in person. I wish I never was gone as I always like to make sure dad is fine.
    I love you,


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