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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's snowing!

ARG! it's too early for this! :) Now I will have to shovel in the morning, and #1's bus will be late. On top of it all, me have a cold and sinus pain. waah :P

Anyway, today I got a call from a pushy mom who I know from the Jewish day school. She kept trying to convince me to let her arrange for #4, #3, and #2 to get a ride home, but I kept telling her no thanks. I want to do it myself. and then she kept going on and on about how tired I must be, and how do I manage, etc. It was really bugging me. Yes, I am tired, but I enjoy picking up my kids from school, even if #1and #3 can be a bit wild. She seemed kind of phoney to me. especially people who don't take NO for an answer.

I took #4 to the doc today. yesterday afternoon she had a fever of 101. I called a doc who makes house calls who checked her over and could not see a cause for her fever. I gave her motrin, and she was okay. She woke up today with no fever, but because of her cough, I had her rechecked by her pediatrician who also said she was okay. It must have been a virus. But he made a comment, to her saying, Oh, you are so good. I don't know who taught you to be so good but you are. I am thinking, what the HELL is that supposed to mean? I was a bit insulted. Yes, #1 and #3 are a handful, they are busy, but my girls are very calm and well behaved. and #1 has asperger's and ADHD. #3 just likes to impress #1 with his antics. Most of my friends told me I am just being overly sensitive, but one of my NJ friends said she would have been insulted too. My mother in law says I am reading too much into it, it was just a cute comment he was making to #4. I do have a bad habit of reading way too much into things. Oh well.. I guess my kids are not cute little perfect robots like his grandkids. His perfect daughter has kids who go to school with my kids. I took her off my friend list on facebook because I just could not stomach it anymore, with how perfect her life is, with her expensive sheitel, manolo blahnik shoes, etc. Sheesh. If I had another pediatrician that was just as good, I would probably switch.

Tomorrow I go food shopping, and try to take it easy, as I feel achy from this darn cold. I will post more later.

and an update on my dad: he quit his job. sigh. I am really worried about what will be with him.


  • At 1:28 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I honestly don't know how you can stand that snow. I just hate it! I spoke to my mother today who said it snowed in Philadelphia. Now that we are living in Arizona I can't imagine ever having to deal with it.

    Do you like the snow? The seasons changing? Some people have to have that. My sister has to see the seasons change like that.

    That's a real shame about your father. It must be so tough when you have a plate that is already so full and now having to be so concerned about your fathers well being.


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