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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It was so cold out this past week, but yesterday was slightly warmer. (28 Fahrenheit) However, we got a few inches of snow that melted and then froze over today so it was kind of hard to walk around. I didn't bother with the stroller and walked all 4 of them to school. Then I stop off at the bakery to buy bread and already its starting. The "its cold out you need to stay home all winter lecture" First of all, if you are dressed properly, which #5 was, in snow pants, a heavy jacket, gloves, and a hat, there is no reason not to take her out. Who the hell stays home all winter??? IF there was a wind chill warning, that's a different story, but there was NOT! why can't people shut the hell up and mind their damn business?? the next time I get a dirty look simply for being out with my kids walking in the winter I am so tempted to tell them to shove it. I think its a Toronto thing, I don't remember this happening when I was growing up in NJ.

In other news, my dad was in the hospital today. he was home alone and had a panic attack, and thought he was having trouble breathing, so he called 911. he was in the hospital all day, they ran tests and determined it was a panic attack. (he was at the hospital who took care of my grandma when she had her fatal heart attack.) THey won't treat him for his depression as he has no health insurance. My aunts want to bring him back to that horrible hospital again next week. I want him to get help but not at that horrible place. My sister is going to speak to my dad's psychologist and see if he can recommend some places my dad could go to that are better. I am so worried about my dad. he really is suffering.. :( Severe depression is just as serious as any physical disease..,its just as debilitating. Anyway hubby wants the computer now and I want to go relax and read..


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