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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pioneer no more...

today #1 went on a class trip to a pioneer village. About 2 hours into it, I get a call from his teacher from his cell phone. #1 was really misbehaving, running around and touching everything and being very wired. The final straw was when he yelled into an fm device on a boy with a cochlear implant. The teacher had me talk to him and then we gave it another try. About a half hour later, the principal calls me to ask for permission for her to pick up #1 from the village and take him home to me. She said there was no point in him going back to school with the way he was behaving. So I said okay. I am very disappointed in #1. #1 is not allowed on the next class trip that is in a few months, the teacher said they will be going down town and we need to keep #1 safe, and his behavior today on the trip was not safe. Sigh.

Tomorrow might be a snow day, we are expecting a huge snow storm, and then more snow Sunday. I am hoping for a snow storm so I can stay home and relax (well, sort of try to relax anyway :)

My dad is discharged from the hospital again. He was admitted yesterday. I am really worried about him and puzzled as to why they released him when his depression is so severe..

Okay, got to go check on dinner to make sure its not burning and on #5 who I am in the middle of toilet training to make sure she does not need to use the facilities :)


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