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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

yet another update on my dad

The doctors at the hospital my dad was at are a bunch of incompetent morons. I wrote them a letter of complaint, not that it will do any good, but I felt I had to say something as to the horrible treatment my dad received there. First of all, my dad was there for depression only. My alcoholic aunt, in her ignorant stupidity, wrote on the intake form that my dad has deep emotional problems, instead of just depression. So right from the start my dad was treated rudely. For the first two days my dad was given his meds without any problem. Then, yesterday afternoon, the hospital psychiatrist, who maybe met with my dad for all of 5 minutes, told my dad it said in the file he was hallucinating and hearing voices and he is going to a psych. hospital. My sister and aunts were witness that my dad was okay except for depression., and none of this ever took place. Falsifying medical records are a criminal offense. That's the first thing the doctor did wrong. Second of all, my dad has sleep apnea and is on a c-pap machine to help him at night with breathing. He was not allowed to bring it to the hospital, so the hospital had one for him to use there. he could not be on the psych. ward on the hospital because of the machine. When my dad told the doc he is not going to the psych. hospital, the doc said, okay, then the depression ward of this hospital then, but we don't have a sleep apnea machine there. So my dad says, what happens when I stop breathing at night from my apnea?? and the doc said, if you cease breathing we'll bring you to ICU. that's strike 2 on this shmuck of a doctors part. My dad then called my other aunt, the controlling one, but luckily is normal otherwise pretty much, who called her lawyer. My aunt signed out my dad against medical advice, taking full responsibility for him. We are all so upset about my dad's treatment at the hospital. I hope my aunt pursues a law suit against the hospital. My aunt was so furious as was I and my sister on my dad's treatment there. At least my dad has his meds, but he is going to have to live with my alchoholic aunt soon and I don't know how he is supposed to get better living like that. He also has no job. I am worried sick about him. i wish he would just call that Lubavitch rabbi who tried to do kiruv with him, in NJ. I asked my NJ rabbi to help, but he had no ideas on how to help my dad. I was very disappointed. I am so worried what will be with my dad.

Anyway, its lunch time now, so I will post more later this week G-d willing.


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